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A Time To Keep LLC encourages, nourishes & helps the individual to captivate and strengthen new memories through the adventures of their daily lives.  Taking brave steps out of their comfort zones and into a world of hiking, backpacking and exploration, A Time To Keep LLC will plan, teach & guide your next outdoor adventure.

The Mountains Are Calling…John Muir

Client Testimonials


“Your attention to every detail and careful consideration of our individual needs made our weekend enjoyable.  Clearly you have a plethora of experience and we really appreciate you sharing it with us…We hope to follow in your footsteps somewhere soon!”


“Hands-on workshops with water filters and fire building were especially helpful to me.  There was also a lot of value in having a guide with Yvonne’s vast experience talk to women about backpacking safety and other issues from a female perspective.”


“I throughly enjoyed this trip!  I spent a lot of time telling my family and friends about our trip last weekend and how amazing it was and how amazing Yvonne was as our guide!  The workshops were extremely helpful!  It was awesome!”


“Thank you for your very fun and expert leadership on our trip.  I appreciate your expertise, guidance and willingness to share openly.  It was a great trip!