Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here

  1.  I don’t have a lot of experience…can I be successful?

    Absolutely! Many of you have never spent an extended period of time outdoors in the backcountry…your instructors will work to teach you the skills necessary and provide assistance for a safe and successful trip. You will also learn through unforeseen demands, questioning, testing and learning while building upon your own experiences…

  2. Will I be hiking with a group? 

    Hiking often with large groups…I have found that eventually the group will branch off into three different groups all with a different pace. The ones up front who want to hike fast…the middle group who hike at a fairly normal pace…then the group following who are possibly having difficulty…their packs weigh too much, loss of energy due to not eating properly…any a number of reasons. When you sign up for one of our hikes or backpacking trips please be assured that the entire team will hike together. No one gets left behind…no one runs ahead. Thank you for your cooperation on this. Our safety and one feeling secure is of utmost importance.

  3. What about solo hiking?

    While we will be hiking as a Group…there may be times when I will give individuals the opportunity to hike without the group and agree to meet at a designated point. This will be a trip by trip decision that A Time To Keep LLC will make. I believe it is important to challenge oneself, to overcome fears and to break through self reliable comfort zones. Solitude hiking causes us to be more aware of our surroundings, it teaches us to pay attention to signage and direction…our senses are more alert…it can be a time of reflection, meditation and peace for the mind, body and soul. I highly recommend it! 

  4. What about my pack weight?

    Each individual must be able to carry their own gear. Men’s total weight for their backpacks should not exceed much over 38 pounds and women’s backpacks should not exceed much over 32 pounds. Our joints, backs, shoulders and feet will thank us for the lighter packs in which we are to carry and the trip will be much more enjoyable.

  5. I can’t live without my cell phone…what should I do?

    Unless your cell phone is your only devise in which to take pictures from…we ask that cell phones not be used or turned on during the course of the day. Feel free to post pictures of your adventure on social media, etc. but only after you are in the privacy of your tent. Everyone will thank you for this!  So please keep them turned off or place them in airplane mode.

  6. Will I need to carry the “Kitchen Sink”?

    Surviving with Less ~ Yes, it can be done! We ask that you leave behind non-essentials like make-up, deodorant, books, electronic devices, camp chairs, etc. We want everyone to be able to have a wilderness experience even if we are just a mile from the trailhead. Plus…every ounce weighs a pound and you will enjoy a lighter pack! Life on the trail is about food, clothing, shelter and each other! Let’s soak in the sights and sounds of the backcountry together.

  7. How should I handle conflict or drama within the group?

    Get rid of it! Throw it in the deepest sea…hurl it over the highest mountain! Any conflict between you and another should be dealt with in a compassionate way. Please do not gossip amongst the others…approach the other person and talk it out. If that does not work then get me involved in the conversation. I would appreciate this very much. Patience and compassion towards others is essential if you desire harmony and fellowship.