May 2018

Dates to be announced soon! 

Survival Skills Course

Friday, May ~ Sunday, May



This Survival Skills Course was designed for the woman who desires to develop

their awareness and skills on all things outdoors.


Mind-Set ~ Skills ~ Tactics ~ Gear





Outdoor Classroom Introduction

 Welcome ~ Meet & Greet ~ Weekend Workshops Overview


Mastering Mind Set

Our outlook and attitude on life’s journey will determine the outcome 


Principle Law of Three’s

What are they and what is the importance of their order when it comes to a survival situation 


Unifying Team Work

 Build ~ Respect ~ Combine skills to enhance a common goal


Personal Hygiene for the Outdoor Woman

Sharing secrets for cleanliness & sanitation…


Quiet Time till 6:00am


Reserve the rights to adjust the schedule based on the needs of the students




Rise & Shine Breakfast

Fresh Fruits ~ Home Baked Breads ~ Egg & Vegetable Cups ~ Herbal Teas



Personal Safety

 Alone ~ Solo ~ Solitude…with a partner or within a group…why your safety is essential in any setting or environment


Wilderness & Remote First Aid

 Tired, injured, hypothermic…what to do while in the backcountry ~ sharpening our knowledge and skills with the basics of Wilderness First Aid

(This is not a class in which you will be certified in First Aid) 


Competence in Navigational Skills

Map & Compass Reading



 What life saving steps should be taken when needing a rescue and your resources are limited


Foundations of Crucial Shelter Building Know-How

 Gather & build using only what is available in front of you or within your pack to provide yourself shelter from any inclement weather


 Collecting, Gathering & Creating Fire Building Techniques

 Rain ~ Snow ~ Dampness…when a fire is needed most but difficult to build and maintain…learn what to look for in the forest and be successful


Grasping Water Filtration Awareness

What filtration systems are available and how do you build one in an emergency situation if one is not convenient 


Trapping, Gigging & Harvesting for Your Nutrition

We will learn all-important primitive & basic life skills necessary for obtaining & providing nutrition to sustain life



Evening Meal Preparations

Encouraging teamwork…each woman will take part in assembling home made apple sauce & herbal butter


Backpacking Gear Breakdown

This instructional visual lesson will show you the essentials needed for a successful backpacking trip


Evening Feast

Venison Sausage
Crackers & Cheese
Sparkling Non-alcohol Drink
Tomato Soup
Salad Greens
Venison Vegetable Stew
Apple Sauce
Herbal Butter


Reserve the rights to adjust the schedule based on the needs of the students





Each woman is responsible for their own Sunday breakfast foods, preparation, table settings, etc.



 Edible & Medicinal Plant Foraging

A gentle hike through the woods foraging and identifying vegetation essential for food and medicine


Basic Fundamentals of Archery

Learn, practice & sharpen your skills as an Archer as we target shoot with bows & arrows
(This is not a lesson in Bow Hunting)


Getting Dirty & Pulling it Altogether

Utilizing your new skills with real life scenarios


Reserve the rights to adjust the schedule based on the needs of the students


Survivor Skills Course 

Yvonne Entingh
Princess Doah
Owner of A Time To Keep

As owner of A Time To Keep, Yvonne strives to provide opportunities for the individual by constructing a framework of confidence, education and leadership into those who are pursuing outdoor adventure. Yvonne works hard at unfolding the hidden treasures of grace and beauty found within each person by awakening and strengthening ones positive awareness of self, creativity & knowledge. Yvonne loves outdoor adventure travel and is devoted to sharing it with others. In a comfortable atmosphere, her trips have the special potential to foster camaraderie, trust, artistry, freedom, team building, fellowship, fun and the learning of new skills. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve and teach others and is passionate about telling her story of her past experiences and knowledge to help other’s become courageous, self-reliant, and inspired to encounter and enjoy the splendor of the outdoors.

Yvonne is certified in CPR/AED, Wilderness First Aid and as a Wilderness First Responder. Currently she is taking a course to sharpen her knowledge as a naturalist. She has worked side by side with Andy Niekamp, owner and Chief Adventure Officer of Outdoor Adventure Connection for several years and continues to lead women courses through his company. She provides presentations of her backcountry experiences for Girl Scouts, Women’s Clubs and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Craig Caudill
Founder & Owner
Nature Reliance School

Craig began his outdoor experiences while growing up hunting, fishing, and playing in the woods of Kentucky. For over four decades he has actively pursued experiential knowledge of all things related to wilderness recreation and living.

 Due to his love of history he has studied and trained in primitive skills, as well as modern methods to successfully challenge himself in the outdoors. He has taught Wilderness Safety and Survival and related topics in 10 U.S. states. During the most recent Wildlife Outdoor Conclave he taught Survival and Tracking to students from 13 universities in the Southeastern U.S.

He has also taught Wilderness Safety and Survival to Wilderness First Responders (emergency room physicians, medical flight personnel, medics, firefighters and more) at the Wilderness First Responders Annual Conference.

Craig brings years of experience, knowledge and leadership to our Women in the Wilderness, Survival Skills Course. Through his guiding and teaching, he will be providing a “hands on” experience for all, building confidence and awareness for all things pertaining to our survival in the backcountry.

Jennifer Caudill
Medicinal & Edible Plants Instructor
Wife Mother Teacher Artist

Jennifer has a BS in Education K-8 from Eastern Kentucky University. She has had a lifelong passion for artwork and has taught art in several area schools during her career. She is now leading the charge for the Nature Reliance School aggressive programs to combat “Nature Deficit Disorder” for youth. Now she is in the home stretch of homeschooling her two children for their entire K-12 careers, she is focusing much attention on developing the youth to nature programs for Nature Reliance School. This program has been taught in 5 different school systems at this point and is well on its way to helping school administrations meet their core objectives for national rank testing and helping kids learn and appreciate more about their natural world.

Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge to our women students…educating, sharing and guiding us to better understand the earth’s bountiful array of edible and medicinal plants.

  What Is Included…

Included with your registration fee are two (2) nights of camping at the Camp Richard Clark Campgrounds, professional guides, an entire weekend of “hands on”, educational & insightful workshops, Saturday “Rise & Shine” Breakfast & Saturday “Evening Feast” with Dessert



One of the workshops provided is the actual killing, cleaning & preparing of a bird & mammal… please keep in mind that this workshop can be very emotional and can possibly become a stressful  situation for some.  Our instructor, Craig Caudill will demonstrate and explain the entire process of killing, cleaning and preparing of both a quail & rabbit.  You are welcome to participate, or just observe or not be present.  If you know that you would like to participate in the process using a quail of your own…you must notify us at the time of applying for this course so that we may have a quail available for you.  


Not Included…

Your registration fee does not include gear, meals (except for the Saturday Breakfast & Saturday Evening Feast) snacks or drinks or transportation.


 Camp Richard Clark


489 Oil Springs Road

Winchester, Kentucky 40391

Primitive Bathroom Facilities ~ No Hot Water 


Each woman is responsible for their own:

Friday evening dinner…Saturday lunch…Sunday Breakfast
Personal Snacks & Drinks

including their own self meal preparation, table settings & utensils

(this is a non-alcoholic event)

Refund Policy

A Time To Keep reserves the right to cancel any trip due to party size
No refunds provided if participant cancels after Thursday
Cancellation’s prior to Thursday can apply $200.00 of the cost to another class offered at
Nature Reliance School in the future.  A $50.00 cancellation fee will be applied to any and all cancellations made by the participant.

Age Requirements

Each participant must be 18 years or older

Car Camping Gear

Sleep System
(sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow)
Headlamp or Flashlight
(wear proper clothing based on the weather & expect to get dirty…cotton clothing is not recommended)
Personal Toiletries
(medicines, toothbrush/paste, etc.)

Suggested Gear

Camp Chair
Notepad & Writing Utensil
Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wipes
Towel & Face Rag
Camp Shoes/Sandals
Fleece/Warm Hat & Gloves
Extra Clean Clothes & Shoes to Drive Home In


Application ~ Medical ~ Liability Waiver ~ Assessment of Risk ~ Getting the Most Out of Your Adventure

Application & Medical Form A Time To Keep 

ATTKeep Getting the Most…

Liability Waiver Time to Keep 1 pg

Please click on each of the links above…read, sign and date each document and return to:

Please arrive at the Camp Richard Clark Campgrounds between 4:00pm – 6:00pm on Friday 

Give yourself enough time to get situated and have your tent set up prior to our first Workshop at 6:00pm

This is a non-alcoholic ~ non-tobacco ~ no drug tolerance ~ no pets permitted event 

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Registrant Name:
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