Confidence Starts with Comfort 

Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, Tennessee

Friday, May 11th 9:00am – Sunday, May 13th, 12:00pm … 2018

Women’s Backpacking & Charit Creek Lodge Retreat

$245.00 per person

Our Woman2Woman ~ Confidence Starts with Comfort Course is designed for all women regardless of their backcountry abilities or experiences.

Course requirements … 

A desire to learn, grow and experience the outdoors with likeminded women.

A willingness to hike while carrying a full pack over different terrain for approximately 4 miles per day.

You must provide your own essential gear … A Time To Keep will supply the necessary stoves, water filters & bear bag rope.

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the trailhead.

Yoga & stretching on top of the Twin Arches…
Possibilities on how to keep warm and dry in the sprinkles…


Confidence Skills Classes

A woman who is comfortable with her backcountry skills … willing to explore, fail and succeed in her experiences … she will become a woman of confidence.  Her desire to engage in that step of courage, taking a glimpse of an un-known journey as she seeks to strengthen and become comfortable with her backcountry skills and knowledge … her confidence will soar.  

These are the Confidence Skills Classes that we offer during this retreat.                                     


  • Apple Cores, Orange Peels & Bananas … Oh My!                     

Leave No Trace                                                                                   

We will incorporate Leave No Trace Principles throughout the weekend  learning, practicing and understanding the dynamics of protecting wildlife and the environment.  


  • Dirty Girl & Stinky Socks                                                                                                                                                          

Personal Hygiene & Backcountry Sanitation                                   

A look at some practical ways to keeping a woman’s body clean, healthy and invigorating.      


  • Glowing Fires that Sparkle & Dance                                                      

Now if only I could  build one!                                                                    

Whether a fire is constructed for warmth, cooking food or purifying water … we will practice building & maintaining a fire.      


  • Campsite Comfort … Crafty Critters and Cheery Chores                

As the sun begins to set … you may have a few chores to accomplish before you can call it a day.                                                      

We will focus on and demonstrate … Finding & Selecting a Campsite … Tent Setup & Organization … Water Filtration … Bear Bag Hanging Techniques … Simple Stoves, all while having fun building confidence in your abilities.         


  • Comfy Clothes & Delightful Duds                                                            

Tips on clothing apparel with a Fashion Show!                             

From multiclava’s to base layer’s to cotton and more, we will take a look at the clothing we wear while in the backcountry and why.


  • The Weary Wanderer                                                                                   

 A rewarding day of hiking can leave our bodies sore, stiff and aching.                                                                                                                                

 Stretching our muscles and applying simple yoga poses during the weekend that will enhance balance, concentration and mobility.                                                                                                                                            


Backpacking & Charit Creek Lodge

Exploring and fun is on the horizon with our Woman2Woman Retreat.  Our Confidence Skills Classes will be conducted during the hike and at the location of our tent sites and lodging facilities.  Here is an overview of what to expect on this 3 day/2 night trip.

Friday, May 11th – 9:00am

We will meet promptly at 9:00am at the Bandy Creek Visitor Center. 


All will drive to the Charit Creek Trailhead – drop off a few cars – then shuttle ourselves to the Sawmill Trailhead to begin our hike of approximately 4 miles making our way to Jake’s Place Historic campsite for the night. 


Throughout our day of hiking we will stop to enjoy the 60 foot waterfall known as Slave Falls, view the thin and delicate sandstone Needle Arch and venture into the Indian Rock House.  Huge rock shelters in the area were once used by Native Americans, early settlers and niter miners … we have the opportunity to explore them!

Our campsite for the evening is the historic Jakes Place … the old homesite of Jake Blevins and his wife, Viannah.  This couple settled in the area around 1885 and their farm included a grist mill and a blacksmith shop.  Here they raised 5 boys and 4 girls … now, only the lower portion of the rock chimney is all that remains of the Blevins House … we will camp near this historic site.  

Saturday, May 12th

Our new day begins with a gradual 500 foot ascent out of the Station Camp creek drainage up to the Twin Arches.  The geological features of both the North and South Arch are truly some of the most impressive rock arches in the eastern United States.  We will be taking our time to explore this area before heading down to the Charit Creek Lodge ending our day with approximately 3.5 miles of hiking. 


Charit Creek Lodge is graced with charm and history.  Her main lodge was built in stages in the early 1800s. The corncrib, huge barn, stables, kitchen and bath house were added over the next century. As other families up and down the valley abandoned their homesteads, their log cabins were numbered, dismantled, moved to Charit Creek and reassembled for various offspring and their families.

The farming operation was abandoned in 1963, and the buildings were operated as a bear and boar hunting lodge until 1983. When the National Park Service closed that use, it became a youth hostel for 20 years. For the last decade it has been a back country lodge. The only way to this rustic gem in the wilderness is by hiking or on horseback.  A glimpse of her beauty … 


What can we expect at the Lodge … please read the following.


Our home-cooked dinner (provided) is served family style and will be served at 6:00pm.  

Sunday, May 13th

Prepare for a bight and early home-cooked breakfast (provided) served family style at 8:00am.

The Lodge is nestled on the valley floor … our cars are parked up on the ridge.  Leaving the Charit Creek Lodge, we will take our time hiking up the 1.1 mile portion of the trail ending our wonderful weekend together!


Sharing a home-cooked meal dazzled by the light of oil lanterns at the CC Lodge…


Registration Fee Includes or Not Includes

Included in the price of your registration fee are the following:

Professional guides, water filters, stoves & fuel, bear bag rope, skill classes and hands on workshops, demonstration and course materials, camping and wilderness permits, Saturday evening home-cooked dinner, Saturday lodging at Charit Creek Lodge (each woman will have their own bunk with fresh linens), Sunday morning home-cooked breakfast, and loads of fun and adventure!

NOT included:

Personal gear, meals (except for what is mentioned above), snacks, personal first aid kits, towels & toiletries for wash up and shower at the Lodge (to rent towels, an extra fee applies per individual to be paid directly to Charit Creek Lodge), transportation and optional guide appreciation gratuity.                       

More Info

Refund Policy

A $100.00 dollar amount refund will be given if the individual participant cancels prior to Saturday, April 14th, 2018.  

A $50.00 dollar amount refund will be provided if the individual participant cancels after Friday, April 14th, 2018.

Charit Creek Lodge non-refundable policy will be applied.

“Payments are non-refundable.  There are no exceptions to our cancellation policy. We are not responsible for the weather or weather related conditions, weather conditions do not change the terms of the cancellation policy.”


Two forms are to be completed and returned upon registration.

Please email forms to:


Application & Medical Form A Time To Keep

ATTKeep Getting the Most…




Backpacking Gear BSF Woman2Woman

Successful for every hike is a well planned pack.

Please review the provided site above.

Remember that A Time To Keep will supply the necessary stoves, water filters and bear bag rope.  Please feel free to bring your own however if you have them.

Have questions?  

Give us a call…937-750-7228

Our Dedicated Team

Your Guides 

Yvonne Entingh

Lead Guide

Yvonne is certified in CPR/AED, Wilderness First Aid and as a Wilderness First Responder. She is an Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist and is a Leave No Trace Trainer.  Yvonne has completed the Level I Wilderness Safety and Survival Course along with the Land Navigation Courses I & II through Nature Reliance School.  Yvonne has worked side by side with Andy Niekamp, owner and Chief Adventure Officer of Outdoor Adventure Connection for several years and continues to lead women courses through his company. She provides presentations of her backcountry experiences for Girl Scouts, Women’s Clubs and outdoor enthusiasts alike.















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