The OTET . Day 2

Monday, October 12th, 2020

Brecksville Station to Massillon . 48.8m

Both of us gals are up before the sun rises and if it were daylight out we would be on our way…but we wait till there is adequate light to see before hitting the roads. Instead of attempting to walk our bikes back down the steep gravel hill that we had encountered the day before, we found a nearby bike path called the Old Carriage Trail that led us right back to the OTET. Being in the Cuyahoga Valley, there are many ravines and this trail was no exception. While experienced Linda rode slowly down the steep hill, I chose to walk my bike down!

The Ohio to Erie Canal, which we travel beside, began its construction during the 1820’s and early 1830’s. The canal initially provided a connection between Akron and Lake Erie at Cleveland then extending all the way to the Ohio River at Portsmouth within a few years. Later, connecting canal systems were built connecting it to the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal and other parts of Eastern Ohio.

Stopping for some photos at the Boston Mill Visitor Center just north of the 241m, toll highway…the Ohio Turnpike in Peninsula, Ohio.

Polluted from years of industrial waste, the Cuyahoga River between Akron and Cleveland was dangerously dirtied by a century of dumped factory waste and sewage from cities. In the summer of 1969 a floating pile of oil-soaked logs and other trash caught fire on the river in Cleveland. The Cuyahoga River became known as the river that burned.

Major cleanup was initiated and now this 84.9m free flowing river, is being restored, revitalized and protected. From Cleveland to Akron, we are able to view this beautiful river as we ride beside her, eventually crossing over and turning away from this river just north of Akron.

Szalay’s Sweet Corn Farm & Market is just a quick jump off of the Canal Towpath in Peninsula, Ohio. Linda was anticipating apple juice to quench her thirst but alas…they did not have any.

Riding into Akron, we met Mr Brown as he headed north to Cleveland. His trek began in Cincinnati and biking to Cleveland, he will then turn around and yo-yo back to Dayton, Ohio. Notice the cup/mug attached to a front bag. He had gear strapped everywhere!

The blue blazed Buckeye Trail which loops around the state of Ohio for 1,444m, can be seen and shared for short distances.

Still learning to properly use my bike gears, understanding the mechanics of it and riding with 30 pounds of gear, our destination for Day 2 was a near 50m ride to Massillon, Ohio. Here we tented at the Rivers Edge Campground on the towpath.

Enjoying every bump and bounce down the Ohio to Erie,


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