The OTET . Day 8

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Orgonia, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio . 48.3m

We quietly broke camp and were on our way before the sun rose. With headlamps and bike lights we walked the first two miles of the trail towards Fort Ancient. Once light peered through the leaves of the trees and we had a glimmer of sun we pursued the final day riding toward Roebling Bridge…it is a surreal day just knowing that you have just biked near three hundred miles.

It is a beautiful day with many runners, walkers and bikers on the trail trying to get a few miles in before the drenching rains were upon us.

Riding into the quaint town of Loveland, we were on the lookout for a cafe. Actually, I was on the prowl for something sweet to eat! Being gluten and dairy free, sometimes my choices are far and few between. As Linda found a cafe (nothing GF/DF here for me), I made my way further down through town eyeing for that one place! And I found it! Mile 42 Coffee is a coffee shop right over the railroad tracks in town. I didn’t hesitate to order for myself two GF/DF brownies…warmed! Rain had already started but I didn’t mind as I stood there getting wet eating my delicious sweets before turning around and heading back to look for Linda.

We always carried our rain gear on top in waterproof bags for quick and easy access. Standing underneath an outside restaurant umbrella, I put on my rain pants, rain jacket and extra gloves. I secured the rain pants at the calves with hair ties to keep them from getting caught on anything as I rode. I already had my waterproof socks on and my phone was in plastic. Off we rode…slow and steady in the pouring rains.

We have followed the Little Miami Scenic Trail since arriving in Xenia yesterday and at the Newtown Road Tunnel, the OTET splits off, crosses Route 50 and for the next five miles I don’t remember much because it was all sidewalk, road riding and traffic through Mariemont on Wooster Pike.

I think at this point we are both riding faster with the end near. Nothing can stop us now as we begin our ride on the Ohio River/OTET where we see our first views of the Ohio River…feeling the surge of success, we shout out our “WhooHoo’s”

Before I had begun this bike packing experience, I had invited my children and grandchildren to join me and Linda as we crossed the imaginary finish line at Roebling Bridge. I had hoped that they could be there and when I turned on my phone to look for any messages from them I saw that they were going to try to get there! I was so excited, I had tears in my eyes!

The finish was quick as I looked for my family and as Linda was viewing the landscape for her daughter and granddaughter. We eventually found our loved ones and with lots of hugs and kisses, we had finished the 326 mile Ohio to Erie Trail. We had ridden from Cleveland to Cincinnati.

With excitement and feeling accomplished,


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