Princess Doah

Her first backpacking experience was a twenty-seven mile section on the Appalachian Trail within the Shenandoah National Park in the state of Virginia.  There were six of us total on this trip…Our two guides were Brent Anslinger (Easy Chair) and Andy Brown from our local Fiver Rivers MetroPark.  The four participants, which included me, my brother Dan, and two other’s were all new at backpacking and super excited for this opportunity.

A lover of generosity, thoughtfulness, justice and compassion for others…she enjoys the sweetest and simplest details of life.  A life in which she has been privileged to explore, breathe in and exhale the aromas of her abundance which is surrounded by choice…grace and redemption.

She travels preferably by foot as she embraces her life…a life of adventure, challenges, endurance and perseverance through long distance hiking.

She has been granted a platform to share her experiences…her experiences of life on the trail as a woman.

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