The OTET . Day 5

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

Centerburg, Ohio to Westerville, Ohio . 23.7m

Today’s post is going to be a short one because today was a half day. We had known for several days now that on Thursday we would experience rains throughout most of the day.

The Heart of Ohio Trail stops just beyond Centerburg where we begin a 10 mile road journey into the village of Sunbury. More road biking of 2.5 miles from Sunbury to Galena and to the start of the Galena Brick Trail before it joins the Hoover Scenic Trail.

The Hoover Dam, near Westerville, Ohio, dams the Big Walnut Creek to form the Hoover Memorial Reservoir. This reservoir is a major water source for the city of Columbus. You can see that we are riding through a cloudy day. We are both relieved to have finished the road riding portion of the day before the rains set in…

I had contacted an individual through “Warm Showers”, a bike community that extends a place to stay, or tent, shower, etc…the night before. He quickly accepted our request to stay but upon reaching Westerville, we decided to go forward for a little longer after looking at the weather report. plus it looked like we had already passed by his location.

We stop to look at the upcoming town route, and take off…

We are now on the Westerville Bike & Walk Route which goes behind businesses in this very populated northern Columbus town.

Once we reach the heart of Westerville, we ride to a nearby Red Roof Inn where we agree this is the best decision due to the rains approaching.

With everything secured in the room, we gather our rain jackets and walk 0.4m to the Chipotle Mexican Grill we had passed earlier. With dinner in hand, Linda walks back to the Hotel while I make a side trip to Kroger looking for more FOOD!

Great to be indoors while the cold rains pour outside,


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