North to South…an Epic Journey of the Long Trail…Day 1-10

Getting to the trail…

From Dayton International Airport, Ohio to Burlington International Airport, Vermont…Shuttle driver, Norm picked up two Long Trail hikers, Jim Purdy aka “Millipede” (Jim came in by Greyhound) and me.  Norm drove us to North Troy and dropped us off at The North Troy Inn B&B.  Cost of the room was $65.40 per night.  Rain is forecasted for the next day so I stay two nights at the B&B.

Shuttle Driver
North Troy Inn B&B


Day 1  ~  Sunday, August 14th, 2016  ~  5.7m

Journey’s End Trailhead to Shooting Star Shelter

On trail at 9:15am.  Norm,  our shuttle driver, drove us (Jim Purdy aka “Millipede”) and I to the Journey’s End trail head.  Millipede is an author.  He wrote a book of his AT thru-hike.  It is titled “Just Walking”.  Saw the rock piles of an old farm settlement.  We stopped at the Journey’s End Camp to sign register & take pictures.  Rocks are wet & slippery…I fell two times.  At Canadian border took pictures…beginning of LT.  Made it to Shooting Star Shelter by 2:30.  Set up tent in shelter…water is from a nearby pump.  Cloudy all day.  “Poncho” came in later…he is also a sobo tenting nearby.  Ready for bed at 6:30pm!

Journey’s End Camp
Built 2003
Northern Terminus
Long Trail
Canadian/United States border
Northern Terminus
Long Trail Signage
Trail heading to
Shooting Star Shelter
Water Source
Shooting Star Shelter
First sign of Moose!


Day 2  ~  Monday, August 15th, 2016  ~  7.4m

Shooting Star Shelter to Jay Camp

On trail at 8:30am.  Hiking is slow…I feel good but due to steep ups and downs you can’t help but to go slow and take your time.  Misty rain stopped soon after on trail this morning.  “Poncho” left earlier…passed him going up Doll Peak.  Millipede & I hiked in close proximity…he is 69 years.  Climbed up Doll Peak…rested and ate lunch at Laura Woodward Shelter.  Only 1.5m from Laura Woodward Shelter to Jay Peak but it was straight up and very rocky.  Sleeping on the top bunk at Jay Camp.  It is a .02m off  LT.  Water source is a small trickle in front of shelter.

Trail heading to
Laura Woodward Shelter
Trail north of
Laura Woodward Shelter
Lunch break
Laura Woodward Shelter
Originally built in 1956
Replaced in 2001
Ski Trail
Making way up to
Jay Peak Tramway Station
Jay Peak
Jay Camp
Built in 1958
Renovated in 2009


Day 3  ~  Tuesday, August 16th, 2016  ~  5.6m

Jay Camp to Hazen’s  Notch Camp

Slow day…Got to Hazen Notch Camp to get water, which is a little puddle.  Millipede came down trail and said one of the hikers he passed mentioned rain today.  I turned on my phone and I checked.  Yep!  It started to rain one-half hour later!  So glad he caught up and told me.  My plan was to go another 6.2m.  I would have gotten there around 6-7pm!  Drenched!  God’s timing was perfect!  Hazen Notch is full…5 men and me.  Pouring out!  I am on the top bunk with tent up.  Holding up with rope.

Chet’s Lookout
Climb the ladder for
views to the north
Muddy trail leading
to Hazen Camp
Slowly but surely…
I learned how to rig my tent up in a shelter…
Hazen’s Notch Camp
Dry inside…
Poured all night!


Day 4  ~ Wednesday, August 17th, 2016  ~  6.1 m

Hazen Notch Camp to Tillotson Camp

First 1.5m to road crossing was fast (VT 58).  Misty, rainy morning.  Tiring climb up Haystack Mt. 3,223′.  Right before summit you hike on a flat stretch.  Fell twice, my fault, didn’t secure footing…I don’t fall down, I fall going up!  Rock very slick & slippery wet.   Inside Tillotson Camp tonight.  Dave from Albany, “Some Guy” from N.J.  & “Moon Daddy” all north bounders  finishing soon.  Water sources have been small puddles…Today first day I crossed a water creek…good water at camp.  Hiked past first beaver pond today.  Plenty of moose droppings but no moose!

Trail north of
Tillotson Camp
Early morning misty trail
Evidence of beavers
Tillotson Camp


Day 5  ~  Thursday, August 18th, 2016  ~  8.4m

Tillotson Camp to Spruce Ledge Camp

On trail at 7:30am…Climbed up Belvidere Mt. at 3,360’…2.8m in 2 hours, doing better!  There were six hikers in Tillotson Camp last night.  Four nobo and 2 sobo.  Took many pictures of Lockwood Pond, beaver den, very pretty.  After summit of Belvidere Mt. and rocky steep decline, the trail leveled out somewhat & hiking on a wide trail.  After crossing VT 118 the two miles to Ritterbush Lookout was fairly easy.  Made it into camp (Spruce Ledge Camp) by 2:00.  Two men, section hikers, are in the shelter along with a group of six college students on orientation week, tenting. Devil’s Gulch is fairly short, many boulders and no trail!  I watched every step…last large rock was smooth, wet and no hand holds.  I had to climb up a rocky, mossy ledge and pray every step and movement…thank you Jesus!  Mr Purdue followed me down to an overlook at the shelter…he being behind me took my upper arm which I then quickly slid past him and back to the shelter!  I had a talk with him while preparing dinner.  I explained that I was out here to enjoy nature, hike solo, etc!  I am so NOT where he apparently is.  I mentioned that just because we hike a similar pace and we run into each other from time to time does not mean a thing!  Plus I reminded him that he is married!  Time to move on quickly!

Lockwood Pond
Trail beauty
Approaching Devil’s Gulch
Entering Devil’s Gulch
Devil’s Gulch
Let me squeeze through here!
Devil’s Gulch
Climbing through…
Devil’s Gulch
Somewhere there is a trail!
Devil’s Perch Overlook
just beyond the camp with views of Ritterbush Pond &
Belvidere Mt.
Spruce Ledge Camp
Built in 1998


Day 6  ~  Friday, August 19th, 2016  ~  14.8m

Spruce Ledge Shelter to Roundtop Shelter

On trail at 6:57am.  First one out of the shelter…Nice quiet day…Made it to the Corliss Camp by 11:00am which was 6.6 miles from Spruce Ledge.  Excited I made it in good time!  From Corliss Camp to Laraway Mtn (2.7m) had many flat, smooth rocks followed by boggy area & bridge then smooth rocks followed by bog bridge.  Once on Laraway Mtn  good views, sunny & clear.  Saw 4 day hikers who came up from Codding Hollow Road.  Coming down Laraway Mtn the trail was along a flat, rock face cliff on the left…dripping water, high, mossy, very pretty area.  Down, down, down…knee hurter!  After parking area the area was strange.  Hiked along a stone fence.  I am getting very tired, 2 knobs before Roundtop Shelter about did me in!  I kept stopping for a breather and would tell myself, “You gotta want it”…”You gotta want it Yvonne”!  “You can’t stop, you must push on”.  Roundtop has a over look view behind the shelter.  Beautiful, pink, orange sunset.  Shelter is an “L” shape, open front.  “Talker”, a sobo came in around 6:00pm.  A junior in a N.Y. college.  I guess he talks a lot!  I set up my tent inside.  He has a hammock.  I slept well…he heard owl’s calling back & forth during the night…I didn’t hear a thing!

Corliss Camp
Built in 1989
Sleeps 14
Laraway Lookout
Impressive Cliffs
South of Laraway Mountain
Old logging roads,
crossing several small brooks…
Stonewall approaching
Codding Hollow
Maple syrup tube
sapling system
The trail goes under several
Roundtop Shelter
Built in 1994
Sleeps 10
Goodnight from
Roundtop Shelter
Good morning from
Roundup Shelter


Day 7  ~  Saturday, August 20th, 2016  ~  3.3m

Roundtop Shelter to Johnson, VT  ~  Nye’s Green Valley Farm B&B

Waited for “Talker” at the Lamoille River  suspension bridge.  We hiked the last 0.4m together to VT 15.  He had asked if he could hitch into town with me…Got to town at 9:00am.  Went to post office to pick up my one and only re-supply box then grocery shopping next door.  Walked across the street to the Dream Cafe for a cup of Rooibos tea & GF panini sandwich with eggs & veggies…yummy!  Dave from the B&B picked me up.  He did my laundry, I showered, he drove me back to the grocery store for dinner.  Lovely country home and gardens.  Crocks, enamelware, iron stoneware…love!  Cleaned all of my gear.  Made dinner & watched Charles Stanley on TV.

North of Prospect Rock
Descending toward
Lamoille River
Suspension bridge
over Lamoille River
Crossing an open field
prior to VT 15
Village of Johnson
First re-supply
Dream Cafe…breakfast
Nye’s Green Valley
Farm B&B
Nero day
Nye’s Green Valley
Farm B&B gardens
Beautiful gardens…


Day 8  ~  Sunday, August 21st, 2016  ~  7.5m

Nye’s Green Valley Farm B&B to Whiteface Shelter

On trail at 7:30am.  I knew rain was in the forecast for later.  I did not want to get caught in it so I made it an early day.  Climbing Whiteface was a complete up and over wet rock!  I fell twice going down from the summit, which is 0.4m to the shelter.  (You actually don’t summit Whiteface)  Passed a college group doing orientation from the University of Vermont while climbing Whiteface.    They stopped at the shelter for a break…hope they made it to the next shelter (Sterling Pond) before the rains.  Started to rain just after 5:00.  Matt…a sobo is here.  He has a bivy and I have my tent up…Raining!  Had Pad Thai for dinner.  It is very cold out…Thank  you Jesus for getting me here before the cold rains.

Trail runs along side this cemetery south of VT 15
The trail follows a Rail Trail and old logging roads south of West Settlement Road
Bear Hollow Shelter perched on a rocky knoll
Built in 1991
Sleeps 12
Stopped for a break
Bear Hollow Shelter Privy
Making my way to Whiteface Shelter
Loving the Long Trail!
Whiteface Shelter
Built in 1958
Sleeps 5
View in front of the Whiteface Shelter
Looking across Beaver Meadow Basin at Madonna Peak


Day 9  ~  Monday, August 22nd, 2016  ~  9.0m

Whiteface Shelter to Taft Lodge

On trail at 7:07am.  Rained during the night making it very cold, wet and slippery this morning.  I took my time.  Lots of rock, straight up.  College group (that I saw the night before) is here tonight at Taft Lodge.  There is a caretaker.  Cost is $5.00pp.  This is the largest  cabin on the trail. It holds 24…there is 15 here tonight.  When I got to Madonna Peak earlier, it was extremely windy and cold!  Hands were numb.  I am so glad to be here on such a cold night.  Taft Lodge is awesome with views in front looking north.

Chilcoot Pass
Chilcoot ski trail ascending Madonna Peak
Warming Hut
Madonna Peak
Trail north of Sterling Pond Shelter
Sterling Pond
View from Elephant’s Head Cliff & Smugglers Notch area
Taft Lodge perched on a shelf below the Chin
Built in 1920
Re-constructed in 1996
Inside the Taft Lodge


Day 10  ~  Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016  ~  6.8m

Taft Lodge to Taylor Lodge

On trail at 7:30am.  Coming out of Taft Lodge it is a straight up, very dangerous climb up to “The Chin” the highest point on Mt. Mansfield.  At one point the rock up was smooth & steep with no hand grabs or foot holds…I said out loud that “Father, I need some help here”…no kidding! a young man came up behind me and jumped right up, turned around and asked if I needed a boost!  We locked hand/wrist and he helped me up that one spot…he quickly went on never to see him again!  Isn’t that awesome!  Perfect timing…God’s timing!  A beautiful, sunny morning once on top of the chin.  The walk across was views in all directions.  Lake Chamberlain with the Adirondack Mountains to the west…Mt Washington and Franconia Ridge to the east.  The climb down was also crazy in spots…huge rocks with ladder assists!  Adam and his son, “Mountain Goat” were just here at the shelter (Taylor Lodge).  Mountain Goat is 10 years old and has been section hiking the LT since he was 7 years old.  They asked if I would snap a picture of them under the Taylor Lodge sign.  This is their finish point…they had just completed the trail.  There is a view in front of the lodge somewhat.  A very quiet moment…no one here…I got use to seeing others at the shelters.  I could have pressed on another 3.3 miles to Puffer Shelter but I am tired, my knees hurt and I know it would be late when I got there.  These mountains are brutal and I don’t know what the trail is going to be like going forward.

Beginning the climb up to the “Chin”
Looking toward the “Chin”
Looking back at what I just climbed
Turning around and enjoying the view behind me
The Chin
Mt Mansfield highest peak
Walking across the Chin
Looking over toward the West Chin
Beautiful views south from the Chin
Descending the Chin
In front of the Summit Station & Mt Mansfield Visitor Center
Built on the old site of the famous mountain hotel, the Mt Mansfield Summit House…in operation for over 100 years before burning down in 1964
The Forehead of Mt Mansfield
Descending the Forehead
Love it!
Descending the Forehead
Loving the trail!
South of Mt Mansfield
Taylor Lodge, named for James P Taylor, founder of the GMC
Built in 1978
Sleeps 15