Long Trail

It was in the month of July in 1927, when three young and courageous women began their trek on the 272 mile Long Trail in Vermont.  From the Massachusetts/Vermont state line to the Canadian border…Catherine Robbins (25), Hilda Kurth (25) and Kathleen Norris (18) were the first ever documented women to complete the Long Trail.  Many doubted that a woman could accomplish such a goal…but these women proved otherwise and on August 25th, 1927 they had reached the Canadian border successfully…they are known as The Three Musketeers!

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers
The 1924 Long Trail Guidebook used by Catherine Robbins on her hike w/notes

A difficult trail to hike because of its rocky, muddy and mountainous route…the Long Trail is considered far more difficult and rugged than the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

Long Trail Profile


James P Taylor  1872-1949

In 1909, while taking in the views on top of Vermont’s Stratton Mountain…James P. Taylor conceived of the idea of a long trail running along the ridges of the spine of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts line to the Canadian border.  One year later in 1910 the Green Mountain Club was formed and began work cutting the trail. 

The GMC (Green Mountain Club) is a non-profit membership organization.  It is recognized as “the founder, sponsor, defender and protector” of the Long Trail System.

Approximately 3,580 individuals have received an “End to End” (E2E) certification.  Any hiker who has completed the entire trail in “sections”, over a period of time or as a “thru-hike”, accomplishing the trail in one season…and has notified the GMC…has their name and journal archived in the Vermont History Library (part of the Vermont Historical Society).  Since 1943 the GMC have recorded these hikers accomplishments by asking them to submit an E2E application along with a 10-page summary of their hikes.  A list of shelters, hikes and dates are not sufficient…they want to read your journal…well, at least 10 pages of it…sounds like another adventure awaiting!

The Long Trail of Vermont holds the reigning title of being the “oldest long distance hiking trail in the United States”…and I can’t wait to begin!