The OTET . Day 6

Friday, October 16th, 2020

Westerville, Ohio to London, Ohio . 46.8m

Columbus…here we come! I had read that it would take approximately two hours to get through town and most have difficulty following the route. From the beginning of this OTET trip, Linda has up on her phone the Google Maps bike route for just in case we do get off route. Which we have! It has helped us a few times to get back on track!

As soon as there is a tiny bit of light, we left the Hotel making our way to the Alum Creek Greenway/OTET. With the rains yesterday afternoon and through the night, it makes for a very wet and potentially slippery trail.

With the many wooden bridges and boardwalks that we ride upon, I ride slowly and cautiously as we cross the Alum Creek several times.

For the next eleven miles, and with all of its beauty, the Alum Creek Trail will take us into downtown Columbus.

Oops…wrong turn! The Scioto River is suppose to be on our left! We were so taken by its beauty we didn’t notice.

But we don’t mind the pretty views of downtown Columbus…time to turn around and head back a short.

This is better…Now biking, for the next three miles, on the Lower Scioto Greenway/OTET. We are not out of Columbus yet! The OTET is making its way to the Hilltop Connector where it joins the Camp Chase Trail.

Looking back from the Scioto River Trail near the North Bank Park…

I thought for sure I did a panoramic view of this building…I guess not! The Camp Chase Trail is a 15.9 mile, asphalt trail. This trail will take us into the Georgesville, Ohio village and traverse the Battelle Darby Creek Park.

London, Ohio was our final destination for the day. We have plans to tent at the Trailside Campsites.

All week the weather has been ranging from the 40’s into the upper 60’s…tonight it is dropping down into the mid 30’s for a bitter cold night in the tents.

These popular tent sites are home for the night for many hundreds of riders as they pass through London. With wooden tent pads, several boxed in tent pads, a picnic shelter, electrical outlets, a very clean and heated locked (only riders receive the code to get in), restroom and an outdoor shower, no wonder it is so popular.

Bracing myself and wearing almost every piece of clothing to brave out the cold…Brrrrr,


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