This Black Friday, I’ll be Hiking

Amy, Yvonne, Austen, Oakley & Addison

#OptOutside…Family Hike

Friday, November 25, 2016
10:00 AM

Sweet Arrow Reserve
789 Little Sugarcreek Road, Sugarcreek Township, OH

Bring out the children for this slow to moderate paced hike at the Sweet Arrow Reserve. This hike is being lead by Addison, Oakley and Austen (along with their adults)…for a 3-4 mile trek in the woods and surrounding meadows.

No children at home? No grandchildren living in the area? No neighborhood kids to ask? No problem! Come on out anyway and join us for this invigorating, fun-loving hike where you will definitely share in the laughter, singing and possibly some skipping down the trails (or at least watch the children skip)!

Meet your hike leaders…

Austen, Oakley & Addison

Addison…taking on the challenge of overcoming her fear of heights by crossing the Ohio River into Kentucky (and back) on the Singing River…Addison enjoys discovering new things, mystery books and hiking!


Oakley…with an adventure around every corner…she is one tough young lady and will climb any mountain! Oakley enjoys kayaking, backpacking and hiking!


Austen…she may be quiet but she is full of power and spunk and will take on any challenge that awaits her! Austen enjoys running, backpacking and hiking!


Sunny, cloudy or snowy…come dressed for the weather.

No pets allowed please…

Bring water and snacks for yourself…

Be ready for some fun and adventure…

No child is to be dropped off…

Your child MUST be accompanied by an adult…

Sweet Arrow Reserve