Sweet Arrow Reserve Hike…Ohio

What is a Ridge Runner…Come Find Out

Sweet Arrow Reserve Hike
Thursday, September 29, 2016
6:00 PM

Sweet Arrow Reserve
789 Little Sugarcreek Road, Sugarcreek Township, OH


Come join me along with long-distance hikers Regina, and her hiking companion John, for a pleasant hike at Sweet Arrow Reserve. This hike will be at a slow to moderate pace, hiking approximately 2 miles on both the North Green Loop and portions of the Black Trail. This hike is not fast paced nor lengthy in mileage…but rather a hike to enjoy community, meeting new people and hearing the stories and adventures of two individuals who also share the love and have a passion for nature.

Sweet Arrow trails…http://www.bellbrooksugarcreekparks.org/uploads/forms-documents/Sweet_Arrow_Update_071316.pdf

Mt Katadhin
Northern Terminus
Appalachian Trail

As accomplished long-distance hikers…John is a Triple Crown hiker having completed the Appalachian Trail (AT), the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). John has also been a Ridge Runner on the Appalachian Trail in the states of Maine, Virginia and Georgia. Regina has also thru-hiked the AT and the PCT along with a variety of other trails. Regina too is a Ridge Runner currently in Virginia on the Appalachian Trail. Regina also helps women fulfill their hiking dreams, creating walks that explore the Inner Journey that evokes and supports the Outer Journey, through her company…Forgiveness Walks. Together they have winter seasonal jobs at Anza-Borrego State Park in southern California.

“Jonathan” & “Mssng Lnk”

The hiking community is big but again it is small…I first met these two ridge runners while hiking in the state of Virginia on the Appalachian Trail. Then by chance we passed one another while all of us were thru-hiking the Foothills Trail…in opposite directions, and then later when I summited Mt Katadhin in Maine on the AT, Jonathan was a ridge runner in Baxter State Park. Just recently the two hiked northbound on the Long Trail as I was hiking southbound on the same trail…unfortunately we missed each other by a day. You just never know who you will meet or who you will run into over the years while hiking the many wonderful trails of our region. I am excited to once again share, hike and reminisce with these two delightful individuals.

Mssng Lnk
Northern Terminus
Pacific Crest Trail

So what exactly is a ridge runner?  Come out for the evening and let’s find out…

I look forward to hiking with you!

To join me…sign up through this Meetup site…


Princess Doah